There are three Data Types  in Particular

  1. Numeric Data Types : These data have meaning as  measurement e.g weight, height.  There can be two numeric data types.
    1. Discrete data : For example Football Goals i.e you can have discrete whole number values. Goal is either 1 or 2. there cannot be a 1.2 goal.
    2. Continuous Data : For example, football game time in seconds, which can be 48.25 minutes
  2. Categorical Data Types :  Represents characteristic. For example, Football playing position i.e forward, middle player,  defense players . They can  be represented by  the numerical values , however they do not have the mathematical meaning i.e They cannot be added, subtracted or averaged .
    1. Ordinal Data :  It is a mix of categorical and numerical data with orders. The data falls in the categorical data, but have the properties of the  numeric data.  For example, movies rating between 1 star and 5 star.
  3. Time Series Data : Are collection of observation obtained across regular intervals of time. For example number of runs / player over many years. They have implied ordering with the  current data often dependent or linked with the previous data.